"I found in my 35-year career that schools are only as successful as the community organization supporting them.The Panther Foundation has demonstrated it’s commitment to the success of our schools and every student. " 

"The Panther Foundation, with its strong focus on academic programs, will be a major supporter as the District continues to implement quality curriculum and instruction. As costs escalate and revenue sources decline, it becomes increasingly difficult to provide quality educational programs. Funding through The Panther Foundation will help us to continually strive to ensure that all students reach their full potential. " 

"The vision of The Panther Foundation is so exciting! With available resources dwindling, the long-term effect of providing additional opportunities for our students is a priceless asset to our school community. The Foundation has already begun by funding a new technology for the 2005-2006 school year. The organization will be invaluable to the future programs of the District. As a taxpayer and board member, I’m very appreciative of their efforts and looking forward to a long relationship which will benefit our students, staff and taxpayers.y strive to ensure that all students reach their full potential. " 

"The Panther Foundation is stepping forward to provide support for a number of programs and projects that are outside the normal district funding process. We are thrilled to look forward to being able to offer different cultural programs, opportunities, and experiences to our students and community that have simply not been feasible in the past. " 

"Our community is inextricably a part of our school. The Panther Foundation, specifically the capital campaign, gives residents and supporters the opportunity to have a real and lasting impact on the well-being of our fine schools. I am a proud contributor to The Panther Foundation capital campaign and I hope many of my fellow residents will join in the important work of helping our schools forge a brighter future for our children. " 

"Dear Panther Foundation The CYMS PE Dept. is very proud of our Fitness Room. We absolutely love the fact that we are able to introduce young adolescence to the benefits of cardiovascular and strength fitness. In addition, our program gives students the basics as they transition into high school physical education and can expand on what they already know. Our cardiovascular machine section is a very popular among our middle school students. The treadmill that was purchased through the Panther Grant gives us another cardio machine for the students to utilize. Since CYMS is usually the first introduction for this type of PE unit, our equipment is used hard!! As with anything “new”, mistakes are made and sometimes things are used improperly and this takes a toll over time. CYMS has over 1000 students, the PE dept sees about 500 students a day. When our Fitness Unit is offered about 25 students will utilize this room each period of the day. Bottom line heavy-duty commercial grade equipment is needed for use in this room. Currently, we have 8 pieces of cardiovascular equipment, 3 bicycles, 3 treadmills, and 2 ellipticals. Unfortunately, 2 of our treadmills are over 15 years old, including 1 that works “only when it feels like it”. Our one bicycle and one elliptical does not have a program screen anymore, so students are just able to pedal/walk with no resistance. We are very fortunate to have a foundation like yours that provide opportunities for us to purchase equipment/materials for our students here. It is our hope and wish that this relationship can continue to make CYMS Fitness Room one of the best in the county."

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